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Derren Brown

Derren Brown
Full name
Darren V. Brown
Date Of Birth
27 February 1971
Place Of Birth
Purley, London
FAO: Derren Brown
Michael Vine Associates
1 Stormont Road
London, N6 4NS

Derren Brown is an illusionist, mentalist and hypnotist, touring the country on stage and making numerous appearances on television in series broadcast by Channel 4 in the UK. In his own words, he accomplishes what appear to be great feats through the use of "magic, suggestion, psychology, misdirection and showmanship", as well as deliberate misdirection to achieve his results. His television shows in particular find focus on examining human nature and spirit, employing often unsuspecting individuals and inducing them to undertake tasks and placing them in situations to produce patterns of behaviour - both positive and sometimes negative - that they never thought possible.

As well as his illusionist skills, Brown is a highly accomplished artist, producing both caricatures and straight portraits of family, friends and celebrities.

Series 4

The Six Thatchers  * S4E1

The Lying Detective  * S4E2

The Final Problem  * S4E3


Pilot: A Study in Pink

The Abominable Bride

Many Happy Returns