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Full Name
Played By
Personal Assistant to Eddie Van Coon at Shad Sanderson
Shad Sanderson, London, England, UK

Amanda is Eddie Van Coon’s P.A. Well, not just his P.A., but that isn’t common knowledge, as they wouldn’t want people gossiping.

Eddie likes to buy Amanda presents and even bought her a gift when he came back from China recently. He could be attentive to her sometimes, making sure there was scented hand soap in his apartment. Not that he was the type of chap to buy himself hand soap, well, not unless he had a lady coming over anyway. She even has the same brand of hand cream on her desk in the office.

Amanda had to end it though of course with Eddie. After all, it wasn’t serious between them and the whole thing was over in a flash. It couldn’t last, as he was her boss!

Not that he appreciated her, not really. He took her for granted and stood her up once too often. They’d plan to go away for the weekend and then he’d just leave. Fly off to China at a moments notice. He bought her a present from a street market abroad to say sorry, but it was more like Eddie to have pinched it. It was just a jade hairpin, probably not worth much, but Eddie thought it would suit her.

Eddie tragically died recently, but Amanda’s doing well for herself now. In fact, she recently came into a bit of money, £9,000,000 to be exact.

Episodes Amanda has appeared in

The Blind Banker (Episode 2, Series 1)

Amanda wardrobe is empty.


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Series 4

The Six Thatchers  * S4E1

The Lying Detective  * S4E2

The Final Problem  * S4E3