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Charles Augustus Magnussen
Full Name
Charles Augustus Magnussen
Played By
Media Mogul

Do you have a secret? If you do, Charles Augustus Magnussen knows it already.

One of the most powerful media publishers in the world, Magnussen sells papers and makes news by knowing the things his victims don't want made public. Despite attracting enemies both large and small, he is able to overcome anyone with a simple threat thanks to the reach he holds, capable of destroying anyone without any form of violence. To Magnussen, Information is Power.

His closely guarded empire operates out of Appledore, his extravagant private mansion in the empty expanse of the English countryside. The property is rumoured to contain the secrets of every person of note in the world, locked in a sealed vault below the building which only Magnussen can access.

Slippery, dangerous, domineering, calculating, morally bankrupt and altogether unpleasant, Magnussen is one of the most dangerous foes anyone could ever end up facing off against, and ultimately is able to outmanoeuvre even the most intelligent opponent…

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Series 4

The Six Thatchers  * S4E1

The Lying Detective  * S4E2

The Final Problem  * S4E3