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Connie Prince

Connie Prince
Full Name
Connie Prince
Played By
Television Personality
Hampstead, London, UK

Famous for her makeover programs and known as the 'Beauty Queen of Hearts', the sudden and untimely death of TV personality Connie Prince, at the age of only 54, (sorry, we meant 48… no sorry 36… or was that 32?) came as a shock to all her family and friends.

Having been found dead by her brother in the house they shared in Hampstead, one of her staff Raolle DeSantous, told police and reporters that she cut her hand on a rusty nail in the garden. Tetanus bacteria entered her blood stream, which is more common that you might think, people cut themselves on rose bushes, garden forks, that sort of thing. Having been in the soil and left untreated, it was 'Goodnight Vienna' for Ms. Prince

The public adored her, as she proved that we can all look fabulous, whatever our age and whatever our income. She could take girls who looked like the backend of routemasters and turn them into princesses!

Connie even taught you how to do your colors; you know what goes best with what. She was a pretty girl, but she messed around with herself too much, then again they all do these days. Some might say people can hardy move their faces with all the botox injections they have.

There was no love loss between her and her brother, if you can believe the papers and the Internet - Fansites; they're indispensable for gossip!

Still it's a relief, in a way, to know she's beyond this veil of tears.

Her website is no longer accepting new members, because the site is run by true fans of hers, who were her friends not just in life and not just in death, but you can still read the message board on

Episodes Connie Prince has appeared in

The Great Game (Episode 3, Series 1)

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