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Grimpen, Dartmoor, England, UK

Fletcher runs the 'Hound Tour'; the monster walks for tourists and the curious in Dartmoor. Even claims to have seen the hound itself, and only about a month ago. It was up at the hollow. He took a photo of it on his phone, but it was foggy, so he couldn't make much out.

Of course he hasn't got any witnesses. Not that he'd expect his photo to convince you as it's not exactly proof, is it? But that's not all he's got. He has a paw print cast too. Not just any paw print, the paw print of a gigantic hound. Ask him and if you're lucky, he'll show it to you.

He recons there is definitely something out there, something from that Baskerville government and military science park; something that has escaped. A clone maybe, or even a superdog? After all, God knows what they've been spraying on us all these years? Certainly Fletcher wouldn't trust them as far as he could spit.

He had a mate once who worked for the M.O.D. One weekend they were meant to go fishing but he never showed up, well not until late anyway, and when he did, he was as white as a sheet. Fletcher can still see him now. He said his mate told him, "I've seen things today Fletch, that I never want to see again. Terrible things." Apparently he'd been sent to some secret army place, Porton Down maybe, perhaps Baskerville, or somewhere else? Anyway, when he went in the labs there, the really secret labs, he said he'd seen terrible things; rats as big as dogs and dogs the size of horses, or so Fletcher claims.

So, as Fletcher's tour poster states, "Beware the Hound". His guided walks meeting place is at The Cross Keys Inn and run three times a day. Tell your friends, tell anyone, and remember, stay away from the moor at night if you value your lives!

Episodes Fletcher has appeared in

The Hounds of Baskerville (Episode 2, Series 2)

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Series 4

The Six Thatchers  * S4E1

The Lying Detective  * S4E2

The Final Problem  * S4E3