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Henry Knight

Henry Knight
Full Name
Henry Knight
Played By
Grimpen, Dartmoor, England, UK

Dartmoor; it's always been a place of myth and legend, but is there something else lurking out here, something very real? Henry Knight certainly thinks so.

Do you know Dartmoor? It's an amazing place, it's like nowhere else. It's sort of bleak, but beautiful. After Henry's mother died, his dad and he used to go for walks and every evening they would go out onto the moor…

- Okay, skipping to the night his dad was violently killed -

It was at a local landmark called Dewer's Hollow, termed after the ancient name for the devil, and Henry claims he saw the devil that night. It was huge with cold black fur and red eyes. It got his dad. Tore at him and tore him apart. He can't remember anything else. They found him the next morning, just wondering on the moor. His dad's body was never found. Was it a dog, wolf, or genetic experiment?

Because Dartmoor's also home to one of the governments most secret operations, Baskerville, the chemical and biological research centre, which is said to be even more sensitive the Porton Down. Since the end of the Second World War, there's been persistent stories about the Baskerville experiments; genetic mutations, animals, grown for the battlefield. There are many who believe that within the compound, in the heart of the ancient wilderness, there are horrors beyond imagining. But the real question is, are all of them still inside, or did Henry see one that night twenty years ago? He was just a kid and it was dark, but he knows what he saw. He knows what killed his father.

His dad was always going on about the things they were doing up at Baskerville, about the types of monsters they were breeding there. He was only seven years old when both his parents died and his therapist Dr. Mortimer, thinks his story is all down to a childhood trauma masked by an invented memory. She's the reason he came back to Darmoor, apparently he has to face his demons.

He went back to the hollow on her advise, but it's a strange place Dewer's Hollow, makes you feel so cold inside, so afraid… and then he saw them, the footprints, on the exact spot where he saw his father torn apart. They were neither a man's nor a woman's… they were the footprints of a gigantic hound!


Episodes Henry Knight has appeared in

The Hounds of Baskerville (Episode 2, Series 2)

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