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Kitty Riley

Kitty Riley
Full Name
Kitty Riley
Played By
The Sun Newspaper, London, UK

Kitty's a big fan of Sherlock Holmes. She reads all his cases, follows them all. Of course there are two types of fans; 'Catch me before I kill again', Type A, or Type B, 'My bedroom's just a taxi ride away'. Kitty's neither though, as she's not really a fan at all.

As a journalist, the pressures on and Kitty's facing deadlines. She wanted to see if Sherlock was as good as they say he is as he would make a great feature, 'SHERLOCK HOLMES: THE MAN BENEATH THE HAT'. Only problem is, he won't give her an interview and he doesn't want the money. She's got lots of questions for him though, as there's all sorts of gossip in the press about him. For instance, Sherlock and John Watson; just platonic? Maybe she'll put him down as a 'no' on that score too. Sooner or later he's going to need someone on his side, someone to set the record straight and she thinks she's the girl for that job.

She's smart and her sources can trust her, totally. She's been waiting for her first big scoop so that her editor will notice her, and with her latest article, she thinks he just might:

SHERLOCK'S A FAKE: THE SHOCKING TRUTH "He invented all the crimes" (Close Friend Richard Brook Tells All) - Exclusive From Kitty Riley

SUPER-SLEUTH Sherlock Holmes has today been exposed as a fraud in a revelation that will shock his newfound base of adoring fans.

Out-of-work actor Richard Brook reveals exclusively to THE SUN that he was hired by Holmes in an elaborate deception to fool the British public into believing Holmes had above-average 'detective skills'.

"He had the whole 'Moriarty' cover cooked up from the beginning, and invented all the crimes," said Brook. "All I had to do was learn my lines."

Brook, who has known Holmes for decades and until recently considered him to be a close friend, said he was at first desperate for the money, but later found he had no choice but to continue the deception.

"I didn't realize what I was getting into until it was too late. I'm not proud of myself, but at least now the world knows the truth about Sherlock Holmes."

In what will no doubt spark a massive internal investigation at Scotland Yard, Holmes has also fooled several high-ranking detectives into believing his above-average 'detective skills' also.


Episodes Kitty Riley has appeared in

The Reichenbach Fall (Episode 3, Series 2)

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