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Mike Stamford

Mike Stamford
Full Name
Mike Stamford
Played By
St. Barts Teacher
St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, London, England, UK

Mike trained as a doctor at St. Bartholomew's Hospital in London with John Watson. Did you not recognise him at first? Yeah he knows he's put on a little weight since his student days.

He's still at Barts today, teaching now though. The students are all bright young things like they used to be. God, he hates them!

It was Mike who first suggested John get a flat share. His old friend's response of,"Come on, who'd want me for a flatmate?"made him laugh, as he was the second person to say that to Mike that day.

And who was the first? Sherlock Holmes of course.

Mike introduced John to Sherlock. Except, he didn't. He didn't introduce them as of course Sherlock knew who John was. To John's obvious surprise having never encountered the man before, he knew everything about him and why Mike had brought John to see him. He hadn't told Sherlock a word about him, but let's face it, it wasn't a difficult leap. Yeah, he's always like that.

Episodes Mike Stamford has appeared in

A Study in Pink (Episode 1, Series 1)

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