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Miss Wenceslas

Miss Wenceslas
Full Name
Miss Wenceslas
Played By
Art Gallery Curator
Hickman Gallery, London, England, UK

Originally from the Czech Republic, Miss Wenceslas is currently the curator of the Hickman Gallery in London, soon to exhibit the so-called ‘Lost Vermeer’, which was discovered quietly moldering some eighteen months ago. Experts are hailing it as the artistic find of the century and the painting has been subjected to every test known to science to establish it’s authenticity… but it’s a fake, it has to be.

The painting features the Van Buren Supernova; an exploding star that only appeared in the sky in 1858. So how could Johannes Vermeer have painted it in the 1640s?

She found a little old man in Argentina, a real genius. His brushwork was immaculate; he could fool anyone. Well, nearly anyone had a certain consulting detective not have been tipped off that there was something wrong with it. Only she didn’t know how to go about convincing the world the picture was genuine. It was just an idea, a spark, which he blew into a flame. She didn’t know who he was though.

It took a long time, but eventually she was put in touch with people, his people, but there was never any real contact. Just messages and whispers, and those whispers carried the name Moriarty.

She didn’t know anything about the murders. She just wanted her share of the £30,000,000 the painting was expected to fetch at auction. Now she’s looking at being charged with criminal conspiracy, fraud, accessory after the fact at the very least, the murder of the old woman and all the people in the flats.

The Hickman Gallery has since announced it will no longer be unveiling ‘The Lost Vermeer’ or exhibiting it in the future.


Episodes Miss Wenceslas has appeared in

The Great Game (Episode 3, Series 1)

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