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Richard Brook

Richard Brook
Full Name
Richard Brook
Played By
The Mountford Agency, Cranston Hill, London W1A 9CM

Kitty said they wouldn't find him at her flat, he would safe there. She's a witness too and they wouldn't harm him in front of witnesses. By 'they', they mean Sherlock Holmes and John Watson.

Of course, Moriarty is really Richard Brook. There is no Moriarty, there never has been. Look him up; Rich Brook, an actor Sherlock Holmes hired to play Moriarty.  Currently though, an out of work actor and he just needed the work.

He has proof too. He's on kids TV as 'The Storyteller', it's even on DVD!

If you're not getting this, journalist Kitty Riley will be explaining it in print. Conclusive proof that Sherlock Holmes invented James Moriarty, his nemesis. Invented all the crimes too actually, and to cap it all he invented a master villain.

Richard went on trial pretending to be Moriarty as Sherlock paid him to take the wrap, even promised to rig the jury. It wasn't exactly a West End role, but bet the money was good… but not good enough he didn't want to sell his story to Kitty.

Richard is an award-winning actor and represented by The Mountford Agency in Cranston Hill, London and you can email him at

Episodes Richard Brook has appeared in

The Reichenbach Fall (Episode 3, Series 2)

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