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Sebastian Wilkes

Sebastian Wilkes
Full Name
Sebastian Wilkes
Played By
Investment Banker - Director of the Trading Floor at Shad Sanderson
Shad Sanderson, London, England, UK

Seb's doing well. He's been abroad a lot recently, well flying all the way around the world twice in a month anyway.

He's heard through the grapevine that his old Uni buddy Sherlock Holmes is now a Consulting Detective. It's been eight years since he last clapped eyes on him, but he remembers Sherlock had a trick he used to do. He could look at you and tell you your whole life story. Put the wind up everybody, they hated him. You'd come down to breakfast in the formal hall and that 'freak' would know you've been shagging the previous night. There's been an 'incident' at the bank though, something he was hoping Sherlock could sort out for him.

Shad Sanderson's had a break in. Sir William's office, the bank's former Chairman. The room's been left there as a sort of memorial. Someone broke in late one night, stole nothing, but left a little message. The CCTV shows 60 seconds apart. One minute the office is as it always was, the next there's yellow graffiti on the walls.

So someone came up there in the middle of the night, splashed paint around and then left within a minute? Where it gets really interesting is that every door that gets opened in the bank gets logged, every walk in cupboard, every toilet. The Chairman's office door didn't open though.

There's a hole in their security, find it before Sherlock does and the bank will pay you, five figures. The advance is a cheque for £5,000.00, solve the mystery and there's a bigger one on it's way, £20,000.00 to be precise.

If you think you can help Sebastian, please call by his office at Shad Sanderson. Needless to say, he'll be relying on your discretion.

Episodes Sebastian Wilkes has appeared in

The Blind Banker (Episode 2, Series 1)

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