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Sgt. Sally Donovan

Sgt. Sally Donovan
Full Name
Sgt. Sally Donovan
Played By
Police Officer - Sergeant
New Scotland Yard, London, England, UK

Sally is a Sergeant for Scotland Yard. A plain clothed police officer, she should really think about wearing trousers instead of skirts when she's popped around Anderson's while his wife is away the night before. Remembering not to borrow deodorant for men, on those occasions, would also be advisable.

Indispensable to her superior, D.I. Lestrade, she can always be relied on to help him hold press conferences and inform him of Daily Mail journalists he should be polite to. He's got to stop them being disrupted by "Wrong!" texts though during the briefings. She just needs to find out how it's been done first.

Like her colleague Anderson, she doesn't like Sherlock Holmes. He's a 'Freak', and by her boss going to him on a case, he is just wasting his time. Check that, all their time, as he will always let them down. He puts human eyes in the microwave as an experiment for heavens sake!

You know what she thinks? One day they'll be standing around a body and Sherlock Holmes will be the one who put it there. After all he's a psychopath, and psychopaths get bored. If she were to give anyone a bit of advice, it would be to stay away from Sherlock Holmes.

By the way, if anyone knows of a good all night chemist that sells 'women's' deodorant and other toiletries for an unexpected overnight stay at a colleague's house, please contact her at New Scotland Yard.

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