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Sherlock Holmes

William Sherlock Scott Holmes
Full Name
William Sherlock Scott Holmes
Played By
Consulting Detective
221B Baker Street, London, England, UK

How would you describe Sherlock Holmes? Resourceful, dynamic, enigmatic? (Did someone just say "late?")

Sherlock is the master of deduction, a consulting detective, the only one in the world as he invented the job. He's brilliant, a proper genius, and doesn't he know it. Should you ever meet him, he will no doubt read your family history in your mobile phone and your occupation in the way you hold yourself. Be warned though, he is not a man who has time for social graces, so you may find him more than just a little insulting at times, but you mustn't be offended if he calls you an idiot, he thinks practically everyone is!

Ask Sherlock about astronomy however and you may just have him. With his mind like a computer hard drive, he only stores information that is really useful. Like what size suitcase makes a certain radius of splash pattern, or what bruises are formed after death on a body beaten by a riding crop. So what does it matter then, really, if the earth goes around the sun?

Without the work, Sherlock's brain rots, so give him problems to solve as Sherlock is bored easily and that's never good for the walls. The more bizarre or impossible the problems the better they are, that's why Scotland Yard go to him when they are out of their depth… which is always.

Although he is a self-proclaimed high functioning sociopath (do your research and don't call him a psychopath), if you do have a problem to solve which is worth his time, open and shut domestics need not apply by the way. Sherlock can be contacted via his website

Series 4

The Six Thatchers  * S4E1

The Lying Detective  * S4E2

The Final Problem  * S4E3