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Young Policeman

Young Policeman
Full Name
Young Policeman
Played By
Police Officer
Surrey Police Force

As far as crime scenes go, this latest one has been pretty eventful for a young police officer who has not long been on the force.

Firstly, there's a murder victim lying dead in the middle of a field in Surrey, with no trace of a killer or even a murder weapon. There was a witness though, well sort of. He reported it, but then went to consult a detective. So that's a bit unusual.

Then a taxi pulls up and some guy called Dr. Watson wants to speak to the D.I. He says he's been sent on behalf of this other detective the witness has consulted. Next thing, this doctor and D.I. Carter are wandering around the crime scene with a laptop held aloft as if they're showing the laptop itself the evidence. So that's quite unusual too, really.

And if that wasn't enough, then there's a phone call and a helicopter appears out of nowhere for this doctor. Apparently, it's to take him to Buckingham Palace. Now, that's got to be very unusual?

Yes, this latest crime scene has been very eventful indeed. Wonder if they'll all be like this one?


Episodes Young Policeman has appeared in

A Scandal In Belgravia (Episode 1, Series 2)

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