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Arwel Wyn Jones  * Production Designer

Arwel Wyn Jones
Arwel Wyn Jones
Production Designer

Arwel Wyn Jones is a Production Designer and Art Director on many productions produced by BBC Wales. Production Design is one of the most important roles on a film or television production, with the head designer working closely with the director and producers to create a visual identity for the entire piece that is passed down through the sets, make up and costumes.

Arwel has worked in various capacities on Doctor Who and its spin off series since 2006. On Doctor Who, he worked in the Art Department, graduating to stand by Art Director for the first two series. For The Sarah Jane Adventures, he fulfilled the role of Production Designer, overseeing the look of the first two series. He also worked on the Torchwood: Children of Earth mini-series, again in the role of standby Art Director. He was installed as Production Designer on the Pilot for Sherlock in 2009, and returned to the role when the concept was approved to Series.

In 2012,  Arwel was Production Designer on Series Two of the revamped series 'Upstairs Downstairs', comedy drama mini-series 'Sugartown'; and 'Wizards vs Aliens', a new CBBC Series from Russell T Davies, former Executive Producer of Doctor Who.

You can visit Arwel's website, showing off a portfolio of his work, at