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Coky Giedroyc  * Director

Coky Giedroyc
Coky Giedroyc

Coky Giedroyc is probably best known for her work directing period television dramas, including 'Wuthering Heights', 'The Virgin Queen', 'Oliver Twist', 'Fear of Fanny', 'Carrie's War' and 'The Hour'. Other work includes three episodes of ambitious musical drama 'Blackpool', starring David Morrisey and David Tennant, and the critically praised serial 'The Nativity' which attracted some controversy due to its use of contemporary elements in the telling of the birth of Jesus Christ.

After a brief break from seeing her material onscreen, 2013 saw the broadcast of pre-World War Two BBC drama 'Spies of Warsaw' starring David Tennant in the lead role, and the four part BBC drama 'What Remains', featuring Russell Tovey.

Coky Giedroyc directed the unused one hour long pilot episode of 'Sherlock' - 'A Study in Pink' - written by Steven Moffat. The BBC decided not to broadcast the episode and instead commissioned Paul McGuigan to film an expanded version of the script in the channel's ninety minute 'prestige' format.

The original pilot is available as a bonus extra feature on the Sherlock: Series One DVD and Blu Ray.

The elder sister of actress, presenter and writer Mel Giedroyc (of 'Mel and Sue'/ Late Lunch fame).

Married to Sir Thomas Weyland Bowyer-Smyth, a baronet, Giedroyc's correct/official title is 'Lady Bowyer-Smyth'.


Nominated: In 2007, Best Drama Serial along with Paula Milne and Paul Rutman for The Virgin Queen.

  • 2011The Hour (TV series, 2 Episodes)
  • 2010The Nativity (TV mini-series)
  • 2009Sherlock - Unaired Pilot (TV series)
  • 2009Wuthering Heights (TV movie)
  • 2007Oliver Twist (TV series)
  • 2006Fear of Fanny (TV movie)
  • 2006The Virgin Queen (TV mini-series, 2 Parts)
  • 2004Blackpool (TV series, 3 episodes)
  • 2004William and Mary (TV series)
  • 2004Carrie's War (TV movie)
  • 2001 - 2003Murder in Mind (TV series, 2 Episodes)
  • 2000 - 2002Silent Witness (TV series, 3 episodes)
  • 1999Helen West (TV series)
  • 1999Women Talking Dirty
  • 1999Murder Most Horrid (TV series)
  • 1996Stella Does Tricks
  • 1995Aristophanes: The Gods Are Laughing (TV movie)
  • 1995Life's a Bitch (TV movie)
  • 1995Lloyds Bank Channel 4 Film Challenge (TV series, 1 Episode)
  • 1992Rock Bottom (TV movie)
  • 1992TV Hell (TV special)

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