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Danny Hargreaves  * Special Effects

Danny Hargreaves
Danny Hargreaves
Special Effects

Danny Hargreaves is Sherlock's Special Effects Supervisor. It's important not to confuse a Special Effects Supervisor with a Special Visual Effects Supervisor - the latter is involved with Computer Generated Imagery. Everything a Special Effects Supervisor creates is real, live action, and on the set, be it water and rain, to explosions and fire, and everything in-between, such as bullet hits, shattering glass, and mechanical work.

Danny has worked in the field for fifteen years, but came to prominence when he began work on Doctor Who as a technician in 2006 - his first credited episode was the Steven Moffat scripted 'The Girl in the Fireplace.' Since then, he has risen to the role of Special Effects Supervisor, and has worked on every episode of the series. In 2010 he founded REALSFX, becoming separate from the BBC but still providing services for Doctor Who and Torchwood. Since independence, REALSFX has provided special effects for film and television, including 'The Big I Am' (2010), 'Submarine' (2010), and every episode of 'Sherlock.'