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Elaine Cameron  * Producer

Elaine Cameron
Elaine Cameron
Elaine Cameron is a producer and the head of development at

Hartswood Films. She began work at the company on the BBC Comedy classic 'Men Behaving Badly' in 1992, initially as a production assistant and then graduating to script editing the series for thirty episodes between 1994 and 1998. At the same time, she fulfilled the same role on the legal comedy series 'Is it Legal?'

In 1999, she became a producer at Hartswood, and is credited on 'Wonderful You' (1999), 'Border Café' (2000), 'After Thomas' (2006), all six episodes of 'Jekyll' (2007) written by Steven Moffat, the comedy showcase pilot 'Coma Girl' (2011) and 'Sherlock: The Reichenbach Fall' (2012). As head of development, Elaine oversees all upcoming projects from Hartswood Films, many of them ultra- top secret.

Episodes Elaine Cameron involved in

The Reichenbach Fall (Episode 3, Series 2)