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Step 1: Choose a wallpaper.

Sherlock Sherlock & John Sherlock Holmes John Watson Mycroft Holmes
Mrs Hudson DI Lestrade Jim Moriarty

Step 1: Choose a Ring Tone.

Sherlock - Title Music

Title Music

Sherlock - Welcome to London

Welcome to London

Sherlock - Reichenbach Ballad

Reichenbach Ballad

Sherlock - The Chase

The Chase

Sherlockology - A 221b Christmas

A 221b Christmas


Step 2: Download ring tone.

The mp3 format should be compatible with most phones and the m4r format is iPhone compatible.
*Many thanks to AledWyn91 for the creation of the ringtones, except 'A 221b Christmas' which was created by Sherlockology.

How to make your iPhone ringtone longer than 30 seconds


Choose a Script.

A Study in Pink

A Study in Pink

-- unavailable --
The Blind Banker

The Blind Banker

Download PDF
The Great Game

The Great Game

-- unavailable --