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The Empty Hearse   * S3E1

Directed By
Running Time
85 minutes
Written By
First UK Broadcast
01 January 2014
(9.2 million viewers)

Two years have passed since Sherlock Holmes fell to his death from the roof of St Bart's Hospital before the eyes of John Watson. John has now moved on with his life, having fallen in love with Mary Morstan. But as always with Sherlock Holmes, expect the unexpected, as the Great Detective rises from the dead in a suitably theatrical and dramatic fashion.  

Sherlock has returned as London is under threat from an imminent terrorist attack. But what he finds when he makes reacquaintance with his old companions is possibly all the more shocking - they have all happily continued on with their lives without him. Now Sherlock finds that possibly the most challenging task he must accomplish is not saving the capital, but reconciling with his best friend…