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Sherlock Series Four and the special

When will new episodes of Sherlock be broadcast?

A fourth series of Sherlock was recently confirmed by the BBC, as well as a one-off special. The special will come first, at an unspecified time in 2015 - the rumour is Christmas, but at present this potential airdate is just that, a rumour.

Filming on the one-off special is currently set to begin in January 2015. Filming on the fourth series of Sherlock will begin later in 2015 at a currently unspecified time.

The one-off special is confirmed to be episode 10 chronologically, and will have a runtime of the standard 90 minute duration.

What are the filming schedules for Sherlock as I would like to go and watch?

Filming schedules for Sherlock are not published anywhere in advance, and Sherlockology is not able to publicise any location filming that we may become aware of ahead of time due to issues of confidentiality, and the possibility of impacting the work of the cast and crew. Large numbers of people standing in a crowd have the potential to affect the filming, and we will be trying our best to ensure the crew has a minimum of disruption.

Contacting Sherlock Cast & Crew

Are Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman on Twitter?

Benedict Cumberbatch's agency, Conway van Gelder Grant Ltd, has informed us that Benedict would very much like it known by as many people as possible that he is NOT on twitter.

Neither he nor Martin Freeman has any form of social media site accounts accessible to fans. Be wary of those claiming to be them on Twitter, Facebook, My Space etc, as they are not genuine. Some may appear very convincing, but sadly these are imposters. Should either of them ever decide to join Twitter, once we have had them confirmed by their official representatives, we will amend this statement immediately and add their Twitter handles to the site.

All Sherlock cast and crew members who ARE on Twitter, have a link to their account on their respective biography pages for you to follow.

How do I send fanmail to the cast and crew?

We have included addresses on each cast member biography page in the Behind the Scenes section of the website.

If you would like to maximise your chances of receiving a reply, it is vital to ensure you include a self addressed and stamped envelope, or a sufficient quantity of International Reply Coupons if sending from overseas.

Please note that sending fanmail to the respective address for each cast and crew member is the only guaranteed way to ensure it will be seen by them.

There are a couple of points worth highlighting when sending fanmail to Benedict Cumberbatch and Andrew Scott.

Please note due to his busy schedule, Benedict Cumberbatch is unable to reply to each piece of correspondence he receives. We have been supplied the following information:

As much as he would like to, Benedict is unable to answer mail personally or sign personal items, it would just be impossible due to the overwhelming amount of mail he receives every week. However, it does ALL get read and he does see as much of it as possible and is very grateful for all the lovely gifts, kind comments and support the letters give him. From time to time, a photocopy signature will be sent in reply, but with so much fanmail, it is impossible to guarantee a reply.

Andrew Scott has asked us to pass on the following message about sending him fanmail:

Andrew absolutely loves receiving fanmail, reads everything, and writes back as much as possible. But sometimes, he receives something that he isn't able to reply to as the sender hasn't included a postage pre-paid and self-addressed envelope, and often these are letters and messages he would really love to reply to - he even said he finds such a situation heart breaking at times!

So if you send something to Andrew that you've put a lot of effort into, make sure to include a pre-paid, stamped and self-addressed envelope, with International Reply Coupons if your are sending from overseas, so he can reply to you - as if he could he'd reply to everyone!

Can I send a script to Steven Moffat I have written?

Unfortunately, Hartswood Films state on their website that they do not accept unsolicited material of any kind, including scripts.

Will Sherlockology provide contact details for a particular cast or crew member?

Sherlockology will never supply any personal contact details for a cast or crew member. The only way to contact them is via the agency address provided on their listing on this website.

Will Sherlockology provide a particular cast or crew member’s schedule for fans to meet them?

Sherlockology is not privy to the schedule of any member of the cast or crew. The only way to be able to meet them is at organised events that we will publicise, and only then if a signing or meet and greet session has been included.


Why do some of the wardrobe and prop items on Sherlockology differ from other websites about Sherlock?

You may find that several items on our site do not match finds on other websites. Although Sherlockology is an independent website, neither run or financed by the makers of Sherlock, we do work closely with them to insure all information on our website is accurate.

The wardrobe, jewellery and accessory information has been supplied to us by Sherlock Costume Designer Sarah Arthur, similarly the props listed are from the Production Designer Arwel Wyn Jones.

You can rely on Sherlockology to be totally accurate, as just like Sherlock, when it comes to information, we never guess.

Can you tell me about a prop/costume/cosmetic or location that is NOT featured on the Sherlockology website?

If any specific item is not featured on the website, we do not have the information available to a suitable degree of accuracy. Due to the busy schedules of the production crew, we have only focused on the most popularly requested items for them to identify for us.

In terms of locations, any omissions will be due to security issues, or that they are private homes.

When will other Sherlock episode scripts be made available on Sherlockology’s ‘Download and Extras’ section?

We are hoping to provide the other scripts for download in the future, but we cannot say when. As we did not write them, or hold any copyright over them, their release is dependent on the authors and/or Hartswood Films deciding to make them available. If a new script is released on our site, you can guarantee we will announce its availability immediately.

About Team Sherlockology

What is Sherlockology?

Sherlockology is the ultimate resource for the television drama series Sherlock, the cast and crew behind it, and everything in between.

Launched in May 2011, Sherlockology has grown to become the definitive guide to Sherlock, including a large social media presence, providing up to the minute news on the series and current events surrounding the cast and crew.

Although an independent website, neither run nor funded by the BBC, much of the content information on areas such as props, wardrobe and locations, have been supplied directly by the creators of the series, to ensure every detail is as accurate as possible.

All Sherlock imagery, clips and characters are the property of Hartswood Films Ltd. All other imagery, graphics, and content are the property of Sherlockology Ltd.

Who runs Sherlockology and why was it created?

The team behind Sherlockology is made up of 4 individuals who work within the media industry. Their various backgrounds include social media, internet marketing, web development, graphic design, photography and video editing.

While each member of the team has a full time job, experienced in working with entertainment brands such as Doctor Who, Top Gear, James Bond, Star Wars, Transformers and Toy Story, to name but a few, it was noted that a central hub of information for the series would be much in demand by its fans. Armed with the experience and knowledge required in order to bring this concept to life, the team put their heads and skills together, and thus Sherlockology was born.


Team Sherlockology: Leif, Emma, Jules and David