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Battersea Power Station

Battersea Park Road
London, SW8

An iconic Grade II listed London building and still the largest brick built structure in Europe, Battersea Power Station was once a coal burning generator that supplied a fifth of the electricity required by the city of London for over fifty years. Originally a single structure of two chimneys built in the 1930s named Battersea A, the station was expanded with the addition of Battersea B twenty years later to produce its current form.

Battersea ceased to produce electricity in 1983 and fell into disrepair, but still retained its status as a cultural landmark, appearing across numerous media throughout its lifetime, from iconic associations with Pink Floyd [and an infamous inflatable pink pig] and The Beatles, to appearances onscreen across its lifetime, from Alfred Hitchcock's Sabotage [1936] to more recently in The Dark Knight [2008] and The King's Speech [2010]. Since leaving active use many attempts at redevelopment had been proposed and fallen through, until a Malaysian company purchased the structure and surrounding area for regeneration in June 2012.

The approved plans put forward for the redevelopment of Battersea Power Station and the surrounding area will see the site transformed into new homes, shops, and parkland, while retaining the iconic silhouette of the structure - though to make the building safe, the chimneys are to be demolished and then reconstructed. The ground breaking on the ambitious redevelopment took place on July 4 2013. 

Battersea Power Station A is used extensively onscreen in a Scandal in Belgravia, including the beautiful Art Deco and marble adorned turbine hall where John arrives, and the main switch room where the meeting between John and Irene Adler occurs. During filming, the crew all had to wear protective equipment thanks to the possibly precarious nature of the building.

In addition to the interiors, the earlier scene in the episode where Lestrade guides Sherlock and John to an abandoned car with a body in the boot was shot on the station riverfront, in front of two rusting cranes that were used to haul coal from ships docked at the quayside onto vehicles for transport into the Power Station itself. As part of the Battersea redevelopment scheme, these cranes are set to be retained and renovated.

Episodes Battersea Power Station has appeared in

A Scandal In Belgravia (Episode 1, Series 2)

Battersea Power Station is viewable from many locations in London. The closest underground station is Vauxhall on the Victoria Line, requiring a walk south west down Wandsworth Road and then a right turn onto Nine Elms Lane, which will lead you directly to the Power Station.

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