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Dewer's Hollow

Three Bears Cave
Forest Fawr Country Park
Wales, CF15

A former iron mine, Three Bear's Cave in Forest Fawr Country Park is used to represent on the foreboding Dewer's Hollow. A large sunken pit in the forest floor, three deep caves extend into one of the rock faces, allowing a degree of access for the brave and prepared.

Three Bear's Cave has appeared in other BBC series, including Merlin and Torchwood. 

Episodes Dewer's Hollow has appeared in

The Hounds of Baskerville (Episode 2, Series 2)

Having exited at junction 32 of the M4, follow the signposted route to Castle Coch through the village of Tongynlais. Car parking at the castle is free.

Head north from the castle, and when the path branches, head to the left. Three Bear's Cave is just to the north.

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