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Goldney Hall Orangery

Goldney Hall,
Lower Clifton Hill,

The setting for John and Mary Watson's wedding reception, the orangery of Goldney Hall at Bristol University forms part of a building that was constructed in 1724 by the Goldney family. Goldney Hall has undergone numerous changes and renovations throughout its existence, and features several unusual features in both the building and surrounding gardens - as well as the ornamental canal glimpsed outside the orangery in The Sign of Three, the grounds also contain a shell-lined grotto that was constructed between 1737 and 1764, filled with over 200 different species of shell, statues and quartz crystal encrusted pillars. It is notable as the only grotto in the United Kingdom to feature the shell decoration and running water.

The building itself was gifted from the Goldney estate to the University of Bristol in 1953. The orangery originally featured a glass roof, but this was replaced with the tile roof you see onscreen in Sherlock in the early 1900s. It is available for hire as a wedding reception venue with the space for 110 people for silver service reception, or 150 for a buffet setting.     

Tours of Goldney Hall and the gardens can be arranged by appointment with Bristol University.

Episodes Goldney Hall Orangery has appeared in

The Sign of Three (Episode 2, Series 3)

Goldney Hall is located to the north west of Bristol city centre, and to the north of the A4.

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