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Irene Adlers Residence

Eaton Square
London, SW1W 9BD

Dating from the 19th Century, Eaton Square is a garden space in the London district of Belgravia. Whereas larger spaces in the district, such as Belgrave Square, have become the home of foreign embassies and businesses, Eaton Square remains primarily residential and is as a result very quiet, far removed from much of the bustle of the capital despite its placement. Properties in the square are valued in the millions, though many have been divided up into apartment spaces in recent years. The distinctive ribbed pillars with black bases mark the facades of the buildings out from other addresses in Belgravia, and as a result are all Grade II listed.

Number 44 Eaton Square is the specific building used to portray Irene Adler's Residence onscreen in A Scandal in Belgravia. One of London's iconic Blue Plaques, used to highlight the residences of past statesmen and important cultural figures, is mounted on the exterior of the property, and reads:

Prince METTERNICH (1773-1859)
Austrian Statesman
Lived here in 1848

Interiors for Irene's Residence were filmed at Field's House in Newport, Wales. A private residence, the property underwent partial renovation before it's appearance in ' A Scandal in Belgravia', having previously appeared as the interior of Lauriston Gardens in 'A Study in Pink'. The property has notably also been used as a location in Doctor Who, including 'Blink' and the upcoming 2012 Christmas Special, both scripted by Steven Moffat.

Episodes Irene Adler's Residence has appeared in

A Scandal In Belgravia (Episode 1, Series 2)

From London Victoria [Victoria, District, Circle] head west onto Buckingham Palace Road, going south, then turn onto Elizabeth Street to your right. Stay on the right side of the pavement and you will eventually come to the first junction of Eaton Square on your right - head down here and Number 44 will be on your right hand side.

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