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Leinster Gardens

23-24 Leinster Gardens
W2 3AN

One of the more unusual structures in London comes to greater attention in His Last Vow. Potentially too incredible to actually believe to be real, the false frontage of 23-24 Leinster Gardens is indeed a real location, the facade concealing a practical solution to an infrastructure issue from the early days of the London Underground. The early trains on the infant network were steam driven, and the large chasm found in the midst of the properties of Leinster Gardens served to allow venting from the locomotives to the surface.

The front of the building itself is 1.5m / 5ft thick, with all windows greyed out, making it easily spottable from street level. In addition, there are no letterboxes on the front doors. Walking around the corner to Porchester Terrace at the rear of the building will allow you to see the true extent of the facade, and though blocked by a large brick wall, a potential view onto the real secret of Leinster Gardens - the tracks of the Circle / District line of the London Underground.  

Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat long wanted to make use of this idiosyncratic location in their work, and the thematic events in His Last Vow gave them the perfect opportunity to bring the oddity of Leinster Gardens to greater attention.

Episodes Leinster Gardens has appeared in

His Last Vow (Episode 3, Series 3)

The nearest Underground stations are Bayswater (Circle/District) and Queensway (Central). Queensway affords the more direct walking route, turning immediately left on exit onto Bayswater Road and heading along the road until you reach either Porchester Terrace (to view the rear) or Leinster Terrace to continue on to Leinster Gardens. Bayswater station is further away, but on exiting right down Queensway, you will be able to follow the same route on reaching Bayswater Road.  

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