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The Motorcycle Ride


If you are familiar with London, you'll realise on watching The Empty Hearse closely that the route Sherlock and Mary take to make their rescue of John is cut together for the purposes of dramatic excitement rather than geographic accuracy. However, several stops of the sequence do feature grouped sections of London that you can visit, taking in some very famous landmarks.

Duke of York Steps and The Mall

One of the most prominent sections of the Motorcycle ride features Sherlock and Mary caught in traffic. The traffic jam is itself a little idiosyncratic - the road the scene was filmed on is usually extremely quiet, and also potentially familiar, for this is Carlton House Terrace, and Sherlock actually comes to a stop just past The British Academy - or as we know it already in Sherlock, The Diogenes Club. From there, the pair turn left and pass The Duke of York Column and descend The Duke of York Steps, before turning right onto The Mall towards Buckingham Palace.


When Sherlock stops to deduce a suitable route across the capital, several frames in the midst of his thinking show Whitehall and the Cenotaph, the primary national war memorial of the United Kingdom.

Westminster Bridge

Sherlock and Mary ride east across Westminster Bridge, passing The Houses of Parliament and The London Eye.


Perhaps the most 'muddled' section of the sequence, Sherlock and Mary traverse several recognisable parts of the Waterloo area but not necessarily in the correct order. They're first seen driving south down York Road, away from the BFI IMAX cinema and parallel with Waterloo station on their left, but then quickly shift to the top of Waterloo Bridge itself, heading south east back towards the IMAX. The bike drives down into the tunnel system that connects the bridge to the IMAX itself, and is then seen weaving through a pillared underpass inside the two storey deep basin the cinema sits within. Finally in this sequence, the bike is seen to drive up a flight of steps that lead back up to the top of Waterloo Bridge!


The motorcycle ride concludes with a location jump to Bristol. The Bonfire sequence was shot in Portland Square in the city, a location surrounded with Grade I listed buildings that can also be seen in the 2012 Doctor Who Christmas special 'The Snowmen', written by Steven Moffat.



Episodes The Motorcycle Ride has appeared in

The Empty Hearse (Episode 1, Series 3)

For Duke of York Steps, the closest Underground station is St James' Park [Circle / District].

For Whitehall, head to either Charing Cross [Bakerloo / Northern] or Westminster [Circle / District / Jubilee]. You can also make quick arrival to Westminster Bridge from the latter station.

For locations in Waterloo, head to Waterloo [Bakerloo / Jubilee / Northern]. The BFI IMAX cinema is an excellent starting point to explore the area.

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