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Parliament Square

Parliament Square
City of Westminster
London, SW1

Laid out in 1868, Parliament Square was designed to ease the flow of traffic around the Palace of Westminster, and was the first location in London to have traffic signals installed. In 1950 the Square was redesigned into the form it still holds today, and has since become notable for the number of statues of world statesmen it features, including Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, and most recently Nelson Mandela.

Thanks to its proximity to the Houses of Parliament, the square has historically been a site of protest. The square has been closed since 2010 following the removal of one such protest that occupied the entire centre, leaving it fenced off from the public. Subject to continuing legal action, it is intended that the square will be reopened fully in time for the London Olympics in July 2012. In A Scandal in Belgravia, Jim Moriarty stands on the north east corner of the square, by the statue of Winston Churchill on the junction of Bridge Street and St. Margaret Street. The presence of the security fencing on the square resulted in the low shooting angle you see onscreen.

Episodes Parliament Square has appeared in

A Scandal In Belgravia (Episode 1, Series 2)

The nearest underground is Westminster [Circle, District, Jubilee] with the Parliament Street exits opening directly opposite the corner of the square that Jim stood on. Be aware there are no direct road crossings to reach the statue of Churchill - you need to walk down St. Margaret Street to the pedestrian crossings to get there safely.

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