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Roland Kerr College

School of Chemistry
Cardiff University
Main Building
Park Place
Cardiff, CF10 3AT

Roland Kerr College is a fictional educational institution devised as the final location of A Study in Pink. Its twin buildings are a remarkable piece of work however - they are both realised through special visual effects. Rather than being in central London, the main façade of the School of Chemistry at Cardiff University forms the basis for Roland Kerr, mirrored and manipulated through the use of computer graphics. The building is Grade II listed.

Built into the Park Place Main Building in Cardiff's Cathays Park, the Chemistry department forms one of twenty seven academic schools within Cardiff University. The University received its Royal Charter in 1883. 

Episodes Roland Kerr College has appeared in

A Study in Pink (Episode 1, Series 1)

The closest station is Cathays Station - the University buildings are directly opposite on Park Place.

There is ample car parking within Cathays Park.

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