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Russell Square Gardens

Camden Town
Greater London, WC1B 5

While out walking one morning, ex-Army Doctor John Watson has a fateful encounter with his old friend Mike Stanford that sets his entire life on a new and unexpected trajectory.

This meeting occurs in Russell Square Gardens in the borough of Camden, a ten minute walk from North Gower Street and Speedy's Cafe. Other nearby landmarks include The British Museum and Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital.

Entering from the north side of the square will see you directly opposite the Cafe John is seen walking in front of in the episode. Walking down the path towards the cafe will see you find the bench Mike Stanford is seated on when he first spots Watson walk past. The bench that John and Mike sit on and have their subsequent conversation is more problematic however, as it appears to have been brought in especially for filming - mainly to feature the Square's fountain behind them.

Regardless, Russell Square Gardens is one of the prettiest small parks in the capital, and is an ideal spot to quickly escape the surrounding bustle of the streets. It was redeveloped to its existing layout in 2002, which featured the installation of the aforementioned fountain and the renovation of the Cafe. The nearby Tube station was the site of one of the terrorist bombings in July 2005, and the Square became the site of subsequent tributes. A small plaque to the south of the Cafe now marks the spot where those tributes were placed.

Episodes Russell Square Gardens has appeared in

A Study in Pink (Episode 1, Series 1)

To reach the Square directly, take the Tube to Russell Square, which is on the Piccadilly line. Turn left out of the station and walk south west down Bernard Street. The north entrance of the Square is directly ahead.

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