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South Bank Skate Park

Queen Elizabeth Hall
Southbank side

Located in the undercroft of the Queen Elizabeth Hall on the south side of the Thames river, between the Hungerford Bridge and Waterloo Bridge, the Skate Park is one of the most distinctive and colourful locations on the South Bank. Usually heaving with bike and skateboard riders during the day, a visit with the intent of venturing inside the undercroft is best taken early in the morning or later at night to avoid being run over by those speeding within the confined space. Or if you prefer, stand back and watch the dazzling daring of those boarding within.

Originally unused and intended to just be an architectural feature of the Queen Elizabeth Hall, the area was adopted by skaters in the early 1970s and readily adapted for their own use. The spot was threatened with closure in 2008 for retail development, but was saved with encouragement from the British government. Marked out by its constantly changing wall art and graffiti, it served as an ideal and iconic location for Sherlock, John and Raz to locate another of the cryptic ciphers in The Blind Banker.

Episodes South Bank Skate Park has appeared in

The Blind Banker (Episode 2, Series 1)

A visit is best joined from a previous excursion from Hungerford Bridge. Alternatively, you can access the Skatepark by arriving from Waterloo Tube station [Jubilee, Northern, Bakerloo] and proceeding over Waterloo Bridge before taking either bridge stairwell down and walking west along the Southbank. The park is hard to miss during the day, thanks to the constant clatter of the wheels of those inside enjoying the ramps and steps.

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