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Speedy's Cafe

187 North Gower Street
London, NW1 2NJ

When you visit North Gower Street, make sure you don't simply stand outside and admire the sights - pop into Speedy's for a bite to eat.

Originally dressed as 'Mrs Hudson's Snax' in the Pilot, in the final broadcast episodes the original sunshade is on display. It's easy to spot when you arrive in the street from any direction.

In A Scandal in Belgravia in Series Two, interior scenes were shot inside Speedy's itself. The production team completely repainted the interior of the café, and when you visit this new decoration remains in place, making it even truer to what you see onscreen.

Speedy's lives up to its name with superb fresh food at excellent prices, made and cooked on the premises and delivered to your table in a matter of minutes. We highly recommend the Sherlock or Watson incidentally, or if you are just feeling thirsty, the coffee is simply unbeatable!


Weekdays: Early untill 15:30
Saturday: Early until 13:30
Sunday: Closed 

To get there take the Underground to either Euston [Victoria, Northern], or Euston Square [Circle, Hammersmith & City, Metropolitan].

From Euston, exit via the main entrance and turn immediately right, walking across the zebra crossing on Melton Street and all the way down Euston Street. Speedy's is immediately at the end of the road, to your left.

From Euston Square, exit from the Euston Road entrance and turn right, and then right again onto North Gower Street. Speedy's will be on your left - hand side.

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