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St James’s Park

St James's Park,
Horse Guards Road,
London SW1A 2BJ

The oldest of the eight Royal Parks, St James's Park is one of the largest open green spaces in central London, its 57 acres of space containing a large lake, a large number of closely packed trees, and in the summer a large open space that is invariably filled with deckchairs. Buckingham Palace sits on the western tip of the park, Horse Guards Parade on the east, with The Mall running along the northern side and Birdcage Walk and Wellington Barracks along the south.

The land the park sits upon was originally purchased by Henry VIII in 1532, and was principally marshland. James I drained the landscape in 1603, and the space became home to a menagerie of exotic animals, including an elephant. Of the unusual non-native wildlife to inhabit the space from that era, only one type remains - following their introduction in 1664 as a gift from the Russian ambassador, a colony of White Pelicans continues to reside by the lake, and the large birds are notable for their interaction with visitors to the park. Often they are photographed sat on the benches around the park alongside their human guests.

In The Sign of Three, Sherlock and John are seen to cross St James's Park Lake over The Blue Bridge, affording a spectacular view of Whitehall and the London Eye to the east and Buckingham Palace to the west.

If you go in search of the bench the pair sit upon on Birdcage Walk opposite the entrance of The Guard's Museum you are likely to be disappointed, as it was placed there only for the purposes of production. The spot on the grass verge where it was sited is of course easily found.

Episodes St James’s Park has appeared in

The Sign of Three (Episode 2, Series 3)

The closest Tube line is St James' Park [ Circle/ District] Head out of the main entrance, across the pedestrian crossing on Petty France and down Queen Anne's Gate, which will lead to you Birdcage Walk. To your left is Wellington Barracks, but continuing straight across Birdcage Walk will lead you along a path that directly leads over The Blue Bridge and connects to The Mall.

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