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The Criterion

The Famous Royal Navy Volunteer pub,
17-18 King Street,
Bristol BS1 4EF

Famous as the site that Doctor John Watson is approached to consider a potential flat share, the real Criterion bar stands in the centre of London's Piccadilly Circus.

The site has a relatively storied past in its use onscreen in Sherlock. The Criterion bar appeared as itself in the original unaired pilot version of A Study in Pink, but the location was unavailable by the time it came to shoot the meeting of Watson and Stanford for the final version, necessitating a re-location to Russell Square Gardens.

For the Victorian set meeting of the pair, The Famous Royal Navy Volunteer pub in Bristol was substituted instead. Known locally as 'The Volley', this pub sits along King Street, one of the oldest streets in Bristol. King Street was laid out in 1650 and completed in 1663, where it was named in honour of King Charles II, the reigning monarch.

Episodes The Criterion has appeared in

The Abominable Bride (Specials)


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