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The First Attack

7 Queen Square,
Bristol BS1 4JE

3 Queen Street,
Bath BA1 1HE

The first attack by Emilia Ricoletti in The Abominable Bride is a scene of two halves - and that's not including the transplanted interior of 221B in the midst of the action. Elements of the scene were actually filmed in two completely different cities and seamlessly cut together.

The street itself is Queen Street in Bath. It is a small cobbled one-way street lined with shops, with a distinctive archway at the southern end. For filming, the street was redressed into period styling, with a partial lounge set from 221B erected at the junction of Harington Place.

For the shots of the Bride firing her revolvers though, material was shot on location on the balcony of property number 7 at Queen Square in Bristol. Completed in 1727, the square is today mostly filled with office space instead of residential homes. Queen Square was the site of an infamous riot in 1831, where over several days a mob of between 500 to 600 men laid siege to the Mansion House in the square. The crowd set about looting and destroying property before eventually being violently stopped by mounted cavalry with drawn swords, resulting in many deaths and injuries.

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The Abominable Bride (Specials)


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