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The Old Bailey

Central Criminal Court

Old Bailey


Officially known as the Central Criminal Court, The Old Bailey is arguably the single most famous court in the world. It deals mostly with major criminal cases from across Greater London, but also with cases from across England and Wales, should they be of sufficient scale and severity.

Construction on the current building began in 1902, and completed in 1907, but some form of court has stood on the site since the late 1580s - that original building was among those destroyed in the famous Great Fire of London in 1666. Among the most iconic statues in the world, the bronze of Lady Justice atop the Old Bailey's dome holds the scales of justice in her left hand and a sword in her right. Usually blindfolded in other instances, this version of Lady Justice is not, signifying her impartiality in any crime that is judged within.

In The Reichenbach Fall, the Old Bailey itself only appears in the exteriors. St Bart's Hospital is directly opposite The Old Bailey in Giltspur Street, on the opposite side of Newgate Street.

Interior scenes were filmed in Wales - the court room itself was filmed in Swansea Guildhall, while Roath police station doubled for the holding cells where Sherlock and Jim are held.

Episodes The Old Bailey has appeared in

The Reichenbach Fall (Episode 3, Series 2)
The closest underground is St Pauls [Central]. Walk west on Newgate Street, before turning onto Old Bailey on your left.

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