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The Taxi Chase

Broadwick Street
Poland Street
D’Arblay Street
Wardour Street
London, W1F

Now here is an odd one, a case of reality colliding with fiction to produce an unexpected result: Sherlock Holmes was WRONG!

There's no easy way to explain this, but here goes nothing… onscreen, the route that Sherlock and John take in pursuit of the taxi cab bears no true resemblance to the actual street layout. At the start of the chase, the pair sprint straight out of Tapas Brindisa Soho and head down Lexington Street, which is actually in the complete opposite direction from the mental map we see Sherlock formulate in his head.

The onscreen map shows the taxi going from Berwick Street, right up D'Arblay Street, left and north up Wardour Street, before turning onto a non-existent street that leads back to Berwick Street, before turning on Noel Street, leading back to Wardour Street, where Sherlock and John intercept the cab - which in turn was filmed on Womanby Street in Cardiff!

If you wanted to feel infinitely superior to Holmes and take the shortest route to where they supposedly intercept the Taxi on his mental map, simply turn right from Tapas Brindisa Soho on Broadwick Street onto Poland Street, then walk north until you see D'Arbley Street on your right hand side. Go along the length of the street to the west until you reach Wardour Street, where you should turn left. Sherlock's mental map indicates the intercept point is roughly around the area of 191 Wardour Street.

Episodes The Taxi Chase has appeared in

A Study in Pink (Episode 1, Series 1)

For the starting point, navigate to Tapas Brindisa Soho. The closest tube stations are Oxford Circus [Central / Bakerloo / Victoria lines] and Tottenham Court Road [Central / Northern lines].

Easiest access from either station is to exit and walk along the southern side of Oxford Street until you reach Poland Street, then head south all the way onto Broadwick Street and turn right. The restaurant will be on your immediate right - hand side.

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