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Sherlockology book goes International to help Save Undershaw * 22 November 2012

4 Generations Of Sherlock Holmes

With one week to go, the project to translate our book, Sherlock's Home: The Empty House, into five additional languages is doing incredibly well on Kickstarter with over 70 pledges, and has passed 80% of the target. We now just need the final push to get the project organised by MX Publishing over the line.

Back in April we reached out to Sherlock Holmes fans, and supporters worldwide of the Save Undershaw campaign, to contribute stories and poems with a view to create a book that would show the authorities, and indeed the world, that we cared about preserving Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's home. After all, it was at Undershaw that Conan Doyle brought Sherlock Holmes back to life following his seemingly last appearance in The Final Problem, and so you could argue that without Undershaw we wouldn't have the same huge following for Sherlock Holmes in popular culture that we enjoy today - imagine if there was no BBC Sherlock?

We were inundated with over four hundred story submissions, as well as testimonials from some very famous supporters - like the patron of the Undershaw Preservation Trust, BBC Sherlock's own Mark Gatiss, and actor Stephen Fry. We worked with MX Publishing, a specialist Holmes publisher, to get the book edited and printed in record time. Less than a month after starting the project, we had copies of the book with us in the public gallery at the High Court trial to save the house, which was full of Holmes fans.

Today, all royalties from the book go to Save Undershaw and the current Kickstarter project organised by MX Publishing is in response to the thousands of fans around the world who have asked for the book to be produced in other languages. It's already being translated into Russian, and this project will enable work to begin on an additional five languages. The aim is to further the legacy of the book to aid a great cause, as all the royalties from all those new editions will go to Save Undershaw.

There are also some brilliant pledge rewards on offer including exclusive pre-publication copies of the new editions of Sherlock's Home. You can pledge to the Kickstarter for as little as £1, or of course you can pledge for a copy of the book, and ask for an English language version if you don't already have it.

You can pledge towards the kickstarter campaign on the pledge page. The campaign closes on November 30 2012.

If you are a member of Facebook, don't forget to visit the Save Undershaw page and Like it to receive ongoing updates about the campaign to save this historic property.

It would be brilliant for fans of every incarnation of The Great Detective to help the page reach over 15,000 followers before Christmas. There is still much to do to save the house, but the ongoing support of Holmes fans worldwide increases the message to the government and others that Undershaw is a building of historic significance, and it is vital that the property be preserved for future generations.