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A Scandal In Belgravia French Premier * 23 February 2012

French Premier Scandal 1

We are extremely pleased to bring you a report on the French premiere of Sherlock: A Scandal in Belgravia that took place last week in Paris, that was attended by Steven Moffat and Sue Vertue. We are hugely indebted to our friends at BBC Sherlock France for bringing us this piece. You can read their original report in French here, with more of their photos from the event.

It was very early when we all arrived at the France Televisions' buildings, Wednesday 15th February, for the French Sherlock 'A Scandal in Belgravia' press screening, but in fact it was part of the plan… It was our first meeting 'in real life' for all of us and we decided that we could use the time before the screening began to chat with each other for real, and not with a computer screen between us.

Slowly, some other fans arrived in the hall too and we saw that the screening was about to begin when Nathalie Peyrissac from the France Televisions' staff comes to me saying that Steven Moffat was still with the press and that the screening will start as soon as they finish. As soon as she left us, we decided to wait outside the screening rooms' doors like the other fans.

A little after 8pm, the doors opened and two women with deerstalkers were standing at the entrance and asking us one by one our names to check if we were actually on their lists.

French Premier Scandal 2

Once inside, we saw that everything was ready for the cocktails after the screening and that France Televisions decorated the room with some Sherlock series 2 promo pictures. We took some pictures of the room before anyone sees us as we weren't actually authorized to take them. After every name was checked by the staff, they open the doors of the first screening room and we followed the crowd inside, deciding that we will have a better view of the screen at the back of the room and making our way to take seats. Once sat down, we were surprised to see that Steven Moffat and Sue Vertue were supposed to sit in front of us, wondering if the France Televisions' staff wouldn't ask us to move because we were fans and not journalists. But nobody seemed to care about whom we were when Steven and Sue sit, having said a quiet hello to us before.

After a short presentation of the episode by a member of the France Televisions' staff, the screening begins. We were all pleased to see that they had chosen the original version with French subtitles. Even if it seems completely logical that way, we all wondered if they weren't going to choose the French version…

Being sat just behind Steven and Sue, we could see how much they were pleased by all the positive reactions from everyone, they were even laughing at the beginning while listening to some of us telling the lines in time with the actors during the "Previously" part. At this point they couldn't confuse us with journalists any more, the fact we know the episode by heart was enough to tell them we were fans!

Nearly 20 minutes before the end of the episode, something got wrong with the DVD and everything became black. Having apologized for the setback, the staff asked us to wait for a few minutes, thus allowing Steven to check his phone, possibly for news about the shooting of Doctor Who which was going to begin again soon…

Once the new dvd was ready, the screening began again and as soon as the episode ended, Alain Carrazé (a french expert about Sherlock Holmes' stories) asked Steven to join him for the Q&A. I wasn't able to write everything but our partners at 3xcusemyfrench got it all here (and in english! The one about Sherlock's gift to John was asked by one of our members).

 French Premier Scandal 3

30 minutes after and all the questions answered, everyone was asked to join the cocktail party outside the room. Before having a chance to get something to eat and drink, Steven took some time to sign autographs and take photos with the fans. With the large number of people asking him for autographs it was very hard to approach him but some of us succeeded and got pictures with him or autographs. Meanwhile, three of us were lucky enough to discuss with Erick Basly (BBC's dubbing executive) about the French version of Sherlock.

We were very honoured with the time he spent with us, asking us what we thought of his work on Sherlock, before asking us what version we prefer when watching a series (the original version or the French one) and so on. It was very interesting for us to chat with him, not only about Sherlock but also about Doctor Who and Torchwood. He also took the time to present us (we were now all the 10 of us chatting with him) to some members of his team and to Gilles Morvan and Yann Peyra, the French voice actors behind Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. They were all very kind with us, answering all our questions about their work and sharing with us their own theories about the end of the series 2. It's nice to see they love this series as much as we do and that's maybe why, at the end of the evening, we were still in the cocktail room with them, talking and taking photos with us (and it was the first time in the evening it wasn't us asking for photos but the BBC team members, which was quite funny for us). As it was getting late and we were the last fans to leave, we all bid them 'goodnight', wishing them luck for their dubbing sessions tomorrow morning before getting out the building and heading home.

This evening was really an amazing experience for us. We were very pleased to have gotten that chance and meet all these people…

And now we are all hoping we will soon have the chance to organize our own Sherlock convention for all the French fans who couldn't be there to share with us their love for this series…