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Sherlockology Win Shorty Award * 31 March 2012

Shorty Award 3

Coming top of the category from over 3000 nominees, Sherlockology won the Shorty Award for The Best Fansite in Social Media on March 26 2012. 

The Shorty Awards are designed to honour the very best of social media on the internet, recognising those that produce real time short form content across the full range of platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, and Foursquare. The awards are initially voted for by a public vote using Twitter, with the six highest ranked nominees going through to become the finalists in their category. Those final six are then put before a panel of expert judges, and the final winner is then chosen. 

After winning the vox populi public vote on February 23rd and narrowing the category to the final six nominees, we were contacted to check our availability to attend the Shorty Awards in person in New York City. After some rather hurried booking of flights and hotels, half of Team Sherlockology jumped on a plane on the last weekend of March and found themselves staying in a hotel just off of Times Square. 

The awards themselves started at 19:30 Eastern Daylight Time, which translated to 00:30 in the morning in the UK, and were hosted by The Daily Show's Samantha Bee and Jason Jones. So while half of the Team fought jetlag in The Times Center, the others were watching via the provided live stream in the small hours of the morning. Thankfully, eighteen minutes into the awards the Fansite category was called, and Sherlockology won! Restricted to a pre-prepared speech lasting no more than 140 characters, the only choice was to dedicate the award to those that had gotten us there - the fans of BBC Sherlock - and to make our first ever proclamation of the rally cry that has swept the internet and indeed the world since the conclusion of The Reichenbach Fall:

We'd like to say A HUGE THANK YOU to all our followers for their support. We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you guys #BelieveInSherlock

Shorty Award 1 

The speech wasn't the only thing we had gone to New York prepared with. Two unique t-shirt designs were put together by our talented designer, both gender specific and featuring quotations based on the series.  

Shorty Award 4 

Then it was off to the after awards party, where the Team indulged in a spot of networking and met up with the other winners, notably including the team from BBC America who won the Shorty Industry Award for Best Brand Presence on Tumblr for Doctor Who. 

All in all, winning an award for our work less than a year since Sherlockology started up was a surprising and rewarding experience. It can be never overstated how thankful the Team remains to the incredible fans of the show for putting us there. As we almost prophetically stated at the end of 2011: 

'While this may sound self-indulgent, we'd prefer to think of it as a rule for everyone - if you have an idea, even a small one, it can lead to some crazy and extremely unexpected places. '

Shorty Award 2