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Welcome to the new look Sherlockology.com! * 02 April 2012

 Sherlockology Site Launch

After quite a wait, we're extremely excited to announce that sherlockology.com is now relaunched with a brand new, streamlined look and heightened functionality, as well as featuring well over double the content of the old site.

Firstly, and most importantly, if you are still yet to officially see Series Two (USA, we're looking at you!) and are spoiler shy, the new site has been built to filter out all content from the new series if you so choose. Simply select your preferred options when you first visit, or if you want to change your filter selections, there's a button on the top right menu named 'SITE PREFS' that lets you alter them at any time.

While the website will be updated as an ongoing practice, we've included the most requested Props, Wardrobe, and Locations from Series Two, as well as expanding those sections with additional content from Series One. Plus every major cast and crew member now has a biography page. New to the site is a News and Events section, that will be constantly updated, plus the added functionality of being able to comment on the news articles. It will carry the best content from our Tumblr, as well as some original and expanded material. The website now has a Search function as well, so you can quickly find what you are looking for!

As before, we encourage you to explore around... there are lot of interesting items and information on the site for any Sherlock fan, as well as some great stories and trivia from those that helped make the series.

Speaking of which, we have to extend our HUGE gratitude to Sue Vertue and the team at Hartswood Films, costume designer Sarah Arthur, and production designer Arwel Wyn Jones for their support and help in providing us with imagery and information to let us make the site as accurate as possible.

All there is for us to say now really is... ENJOY. And again, THANK YOU all for your encouragement, kind words and general devotion to this amazing television series that has inspired us to bring you the best website we could possibly create.