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Benedict Cumberbatch comes seventh in the 2012 Time 100 Poll * 07 April 2012

Time 100 Poll 1

Benedict Cumberbatch has placed seventh in the public vote of the 2012 Time Magazine 100 Poll, beating world statesmen including Barack Obama and David Cameron, and becoming the highest ranked actor on the list, above Hollywood royalty including Angelina Jolie and George Clooney. The poll was won by the counter-culture group Anonymous.

Time 100 Poll 2

Time magazine launched the public vote with the aim of allowing it's readership to choose the final member of the annual poll, alongside 99 others chosen by the magazine's staff and contributors. Benedict's high placement can be attributed to an explosion of support across Social Media. The poll was launched on Time's website on Thursday March 29, and the online community across Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook became fully aware of his inclusion on the list of candidates the following day. 

Time 100 Poll 3

On Saturday March 31, Sherlockology instigated a poster creation campaign on their social sites in support of Benedict, and with the aid of the #VoteBenedictToWin hashtag an incredible fan led awareness drive began. The first round of poster submissions on March 31 saw Benedict's votes climb to over 28,300 votes and move him into fourth place on the poll. By the time voting had closed on Friday April 6, the campaign had generated over one hundred unique poster designs and pushed Benedict Cumberbatch into seventh place in the poll with a total of 91,480 Yes votes, and the second smallest number of No votes of any of those in the top ten.  

While Benedict may not find himself placed amongst the final members of the 2012 Time 100, his high placement in the public vote, effectively coming out of nowhere to emerge ahead of so many others, is an able demonstration of the growing strength of Social Media to influence online polls in a way standard print and media campaigns cannot hope to match going forward. We would like to extend a huge well done to all the fans who got behind the #VoteBenedictToWin campaign. 

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