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Sherlock's Home: The Empty House Winners Announced * 15 May 2012

Sherlocks Home Cover

We had an overwhelming response for 'Sherlock's Home: The Empty House', receiving almost 400 entries in the two weeks submissions were open for. They were sent from all over the world and the standard was exceptionally high - some were so good Sir Arthur Conan Doyle himself could have written them!

Entries were judged by a panel of 5 judges who comprised of representatives of the Undershaw Preservation Trust, Holmesian Authors and members of the Sherlockology team. It was an extremely difficult task as so many were exceptionally good and we only wish we could have included every submission.

We are delighted however to confirm that we were able to include 31 stories and poems instead of the 20 we originally stated and would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the following people on their successful entries:

by Caitlin Rose Bowles
Swindon, UK

Charlie Milverton
by Charlotte Anne Walters
Shropshire, UK

The Case of the Crystal Blue Bottle
by Luke Benjamen Kuhns
London, UK

The Last Quiet Talk
by Cathrine Mathilde Louise Hoffner
Odense, Denmark

The Case of the Silk Parasol
by Jude Parsons
Corsham, UK

by Ariane DeVere
Erith, UK

The Adventure of The Mad Colonel
by Evgeniya Zimina
Kostroma, Russia

"I Walk a Path of Cyclicality"
by Katharine McCain
Rosemont, PA, USA

The Beginning
by Annabelle Hammond
Norfolk, UK

The Matchmaker of Furrow Street
by Aine Kim
London, UK

The Greatest Detective
by Amber Butler
Bonnieville, KY, USA

The Adventure of the Black Feathers
by Julianne Ducrow
Normandy, France

221b for Undershaw
by Maria Fleischhack
Leipzig, Germany

The Doctor and the Madman
by Cambria Trillian
San Antonio, Texas, USA

The Impromptu Plunge
by William Warren
Moffat, Ontario, Canada

A Leap of Faith
by Emily Bignell
Brisbane, Australia

A Detective Worth Your Money
by Jacoba Taylor
Albany, New York, USA

The Blind Violinist
by Amy White
Hampshire, UK

The Constant First Meeting
by William Maulden
London, UK

Vir Requiēs
by Kaylin C. Sapp
Ohio, USA

The Darkest Hour
by Peter Holmstrom
Oregon, USA

A Train Ride to London
by C.M. Vale
Bronx, NY, USA

The Adventure of the Exploding Moon
by Scott Varnham
Slough, UK

Dust in the Wind
by Daphne Vertommen
Mechelen, Belgium

The Adventure of the Family Heirloom
by Jo Lee
Leeds, UK

The Owner of the Green Leather Gloves
by Michelle Erkers
Mora, Sweden

The Adventure of the Broken Book
by Pamela R. Bodziock
Monroeville, PA, USA

A Case of Murder
by Carla Coupe

Silver Spring, Maryland, USA

The Doll and his Maker
by Patrick Kincaid
Coventry, UK

The Ghost in the Military Machine
by Graham Cookson
Kent, UK

The Adventure of the Second Mantel
by Jack Foley
Sunderland, UK


Many high profile names from the Holmesian world have contributed statements in support of Undershaw, which will be included in the book alongside the winning entries. These include the UPT patron Mark Gatiss, Stephen Fry, Sherlock Holmes actors Douglas Wilmer, Nick Briggs and Roger Llewellyn, Granada Sherlock Holmes producer Michael Cox, writers David Stuart Davies and Alistair Duncan, Sherlock Holmes Society of London Journal editor Roger Johnson, and broadcaster and ex politician Gyles Brandreth.

You can order your own copy of the book from AMAZON (UK) AMAZON (US) and THE BOOK DEPOSITORY (World Wide) and also on KINDLE UK and KINDLE US.

The book will be published on 23rd May, the date of the High Court Judicial Review, and will also be given out on the day. To keep up with all the latest news on the progress of Save Undershaw please visit:


For all the stories that didn't make it in to the final edition, each entry will have the option to be included in a PDF of which we will be releasing several volumes over the next coming months as FREE downloads from our website so all the stories and poems (which wish to be included) can be read and enjoyed.