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Sherlock S3 to air in the USA from January 19 2014 * 23 October 2013

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Entertainment Weekly has exclusively revealed that Sherlock Series Three will begin to air in the USA on PBS Masterpiece from January 19 2014 at 10pm ET.

The announcement of USA dates ahead of the reveal of the UK premiere airing is traditional for Sherlock, with Series Two seeing the US broadcast revealed several months ahead of the UK - although with the previous series, the US airing was delayed by several months after the UK.

The BBC retains first airing rights to Sherlock, so the UK will be the first country in the world to see the series aired - whether that is by a matter of weeks, days or hours currently remains completely unknown, even to the production team.

This is because the BBC cannot and will not schedule or announce any UK airdates until they have taken delivery of the completed run of three episodes, and even then the airdate will only be set in stone around two to three weeks before broadcast. This is standard practice for any BBC programme (with the completely unique exception of the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special).

By way of example, Sherlock Series Two had its UK airdate announced by the BBC in mid-December 2011, ahead of the premiere on January 1 2012.

We'll be keeping everyone up to date on the progress of post-production and eventual wordwide airdates as and when information is provided to us by the BBC and the production team.