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Paul McGuigan isn’t directing on Sherlock Series 3 * 09 March 2013


Paul McGuigan has confirmed that he is not working on any episodes of Sherlock Series Three.

The director called the shots on four episodes of Sherlock across both the previous series - S1E1: A Study in Pink; S1E3: The Great Game; S2E1: A Scandal in Belgravia; and S2E2: The Hounds of Baskerville - each noted for their visually inventive and daring style, as well as his control in interpreting the script and handling the performances of the cast.   

Paul posted a pair of Tweets on his account in the early hours of Saturday March 9:

"Toronto to New York...scouting for locations. I guess by now you've worked out that sadly I won't be directing the next season of #Sherlock."

"#sherlock has been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my working life as a director but now I have a movie to stay tuned x"

The news is not unexpected. Paul is attached to a pair of feature film projects - a new version of Frankenstein for 20th Century Fox; and The Man Who, a biographical drama of Beatles manager Brian Epstein, with Benedict Cumberbatch set to star. While exact start dates for either project are unknown, Frankenstein is due to begin production in late summer 2013.

We wish Paul hearty good luck with both films, which will receive plenty of coverage from Sherlockology as they enter production. 

Sherlock Series Three currently has a pair of new directors set to step behind the camera. Colm McCarthy confirmed his involvement on Twitter earlier in the week, while Jeremy Lovering was attached to direct as of January 2013, with both responsible for a single episode according to their agency credits. News on a possible third director has yet to be announced.

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