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Sherlockology Win Shorty Award...Again! * 16 April 2013


Last week on Monday April 8 2013, Sherlockology again won the Shorty Award for Best Fansite in Social Media during a glittering ceremony hosted by Felicia Day held at the Times Center in New York City, sharing joint first place with fansite @1Dneews.

The Shorty Awards are designed to honour the very best of social media on the internet, recognising those that produce real time short form content across the full range of platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, and Foursquare. The awards are initially voted for by a public vote using Twitter, with the six highest ranked nominees going through to become the finalists in their category. Those final six are then put before a panel of expert judges, and the final winner is then chosen.

We came at the top of the vox populi public vote in February which narrowed the category to the final six nominees, and a sense of déjà vu set in as we were contacted to check our availability to attend the Shorty Awards in person in New York City. After some understandably hurried booking of flights and hotels, half of Team Sherlockology jumped on a plane in the first weekend of April and found themselves staying in a hotel just off of Times Square. 

After a day of enjoying the sights that New York has to offer, we made it to The Times Center. The awards themselves started at 19:30 Eastern Daylight Time on the Monday evening, which translated to 00:30 on Tuesday morning in the UK. So while half of the Team struggled with jetlag in The Times Center, the others were watching in the small hours an ocean away via the provided live stream. When the time came, we again heard our name read out, along with 1Dneews - a surprising but welcome trade-off for the hard fought campaigns we both ran against the other.


As is traditional at the Shorty Awards, we were restricted to a pre-prepared speech lasting no more than the 140 character length of a Tweet, and so our only choice was to once again dedicate the award to those that had put us there on that stage - the fans of BBC Sherlock:

We are accepting this award on behalf of all our followers. Without you guys there wouldn't be a Sherlockology.
Thanks for believing in us.



For the second year running, we remain indebted to everyone who follows us, be it those just reading material on our website, or the thousands who view the content we post on our Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest accounts. Sherlockology remains the greatest success we've ever accidentally had, never ceasing to surprise us every day with the interaction and chances it has afforded us to reach out to you, our readers.

So once again, thank you, and thanks must of course also go to the cast, crew and production team at Hartswood Films who are currently working so incredibly hard to bring us the third series of the fantastic television drama that inspired us, one Wednesday evening in early May 2011, to set up a little Twitter account named Sherlockology.

David, Emma, Jules, and Leif.