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First Look: Sherlock 2014 Wall Calendar * 26 July 2013

Sherlock 2014a

Thanks to Danilo Publishing, we're excited to present a first look at the cover and interior art of the upcoming Official Sherlock 2014 Wall Calendar. Following on from the 2013 calendar, the new edition is a much more hyper-designed affair, with more of the major characters gaining a dedicated spread this time around.

Month by month, the calendar features:

January: Sherlock Holmes
February: John Watson
March: Sherlock/Moriarty
April: Mrs Hudson
May: John/Sherlock
June: Jim Moriarty
July: Lestrade
August: Sherlock & John
September: Jim Moriarty
October: Sherlock/John
November: Mycroft Holmes
December: Sherlock/John

The calendar is due to be published in the UK by Danilo on September 1 2013, with a RRP of £8.99.

You can pre-order it directly from Danilo's website, or via Amazon UK now. Both websites offer international shipping options.

Below you can see a closer look at the January spread featuring Sherlock, and the June spread featuring Moriarty that is exclusive to our website. Stay tuned, as we are working to bring you even higher resolution imagery from this exciting new calendar in the future.

Sherlock 2014b