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Filming begins on Sherlock S3E3: His Last Vow * 29 July 2013

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As we revealed on July 20, filming has resumed today in Cardiff on Sherlock Series Three, with the third block of production comprised of S3E3: His Last Vow. As with the production of all previous episodes of Sherlock, principal photography is expected to last for around a month.

The episode is written by Steven Moffat and directed by Nick Hurran.

As before, we are not able to publicise any location filming that we may become aware of ahead of time due to issues of confidentiality, and the possibility of impacting the work of the cast and crew. Large numbers of people standing in a crowd have the potential to affect the filming, and we will be trying our best to ensure the crew has a minimum of disruption.

There remains no scheduled airdate for Sherlock's UK premiere, despite a number of dates floating around on the internet for the past few weeks suggesting a late October airing for the first episode of the new series - these are mere speculation. While the rough area that Sherlock may be broadcast in will become clearer in the months ahead, the actual definite date cannot be set until the completed episodes have been delivered to the BBC by Hartswood Films.