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Sherlock Series Three Rumour Control * 19 September 2013

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Rumours have been flying today thanks to the apparent possibility of a Sherlock Christmas Special. While long time readers will know that the standard three episodes have been shot for Sherlock Series Three, we went directly to the BBC to reconfirm that none of these form the basis of a dedicated Christmas Special, which resulted in a swift denial - 'There won't be a Christmas Special.'

In addition, once again no airdate for Sherlock Series Three has been set as yet. For months a date of October 31 2013 has been erroneously posted on the Internet Movie Database, and we can now definitively confirm that this date is also false - post production on the third series will be ongoing through October and November. While we are not privy to any planned completion date for the new episodes, scheduling cannot take place until the completed episodes have been delivered to the BBC by Hartswood Films.

Rest assured, as soon as dates become available for the UK premiere of Sherlock Series Three, and any worldwide airings, Sherlockology will be sharing them as widely and as loudly as possible.

In brighter news, the BBC has released a small selection of new Behind the Scenes photography from Series Three today, which you can see below.