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Sherlock: The Network * 16 January 2014

The -network

One of the biggest requests from Sherlock fans is about to come true in spectacular fashion - an official game app from digital production company The Project Factory and Hartswood Films that lets you interact directly with Sherlock and John is about to arrive for iOS users.  

Taking the form of a new epic adventure filled with branching narratives, Sherlock: The Network invites users to become a member of the detective's trusted 'Homeless Network'. Players must travel across a game hub depicting London by foot, Tube or taxi, helping Sherlock and John on new cases - starting from simply receiving and passing on messages, to the ultimate challenge of infiltrating the enemy and solving cases with Sherlock as the larger plot unfolds.

Cases are solved by talking to witnesses, collecting and storing evidence, and playing a wide range of mini-games that encompass observaton, hacking, code breaking, and audio decryption. Players can also earn money and pick up valuable tools to help accelerate their mission. The app features a total of 10 new cases for Sherlock fans to crack.

The app includes exclusively shot video of Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman in their roles as Sherlock and John, along with voicemails from the pair, iconic locations from the series highlighted on the map, and other clues to find.

As Sue Vertue, Executive Producer from Hartswood Films, explains: "Sherlock fans have been asking us for ages to create an App and we think that through Sherlock: the Network, The Project Factory has created an impressive, innovative way for them to immerse themselves in a bit of Sherlock's world whilst waiting for us to make more shows!"

Creative director of The Project Factory, Rob Barnes, says: "This app is set to be a real treat for Sherlock fans, who, rather than mourn the end of the third series, can look forward to the fact that they will have a completely new, interactive digital experience to immerse themselves in. The scripting, approach and case structure reflect the television programme, keeping the mysteries flowing."  

Sherlockology has played the Sherlock: The Network to completion and will be launching a review of the app next week.

The app, compatible with iPhone and iPad, will be available to download from the App Store on January 20th, 2014. It is priced at £2.99. Release details for an Android version are yet to be announced.